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Outside Cattery Tour  
Cattery Tour - Outside Buildings

Every effort was made to ensure that the safety and mental well-being of our cats was uppermost in the planning stage of these accommodations.  Every cat owned by JFRH is rotated in and out of these lodgings. It is our belief that fresh air and bird watching help to round out their lives.  Multi level shelves offer them ample chance to strengthen their muscles, and their claws.  Cedar makes wonderful scratching posts.  What fun they have chasing flies, and catching crickets.  

When the Queens are pregnant, and have their babies, they live in the house with us, in one of our Nurseries.  As soon as kittens are weaned (8 wks), those Queens get to relax and dry up in the luxury of condos with breezy balconies.  Rowdy (our 123 lb. German Shepherd) patrols the yard 24/7, keeping any and all stray cats from visiting.  Trust me, he takes his job very seriously.   He will live outdoors all winter in his super-well insulated dog house, located under our breezeway roof.   Our girls and boys reap the benefit of his vigilence - as do Pat and I, and all our household possessions.

The Queens' Quarters (or as Pat calls it, The Hen House) is pictured on the right, underneath our dusk to dawn light.
'Bandit' and 'Paddington' can be seen in the back condo, watching Rowdy (dog) play with one of his many, fun toys.

Rowdy's Kennel is located right between the two Cat Buildings.  The door is tied open, and he is free to enter it when he wishes, but, more importantly, exit when he feels like it.  Afraid of thunderstorms, he does go there to hide out.

On the left of the photo is the Storage Shed for Cat Food, Litter, and oh yes, a bag or two of Dog Food.  Ordered through a Wholesaler, the many many bags of Food required a high and dry location.  The ramp makes it very handy to wheel the bags to the Queens' House, the Peoples' House, and unseen in this picture, the Stud Pen (out behind).


When the time is right for the "girls' to come a calling", they move into these apartments, and stay with their respective husbands for a period of four to five days.  They are allowed the privacy of outdoor or indoor romancing.

Thankfully, both of our gentlemen are just that.  They tease and persuade their wives for many hours, until the mood is just 'right'.  By the end of the honeymoon, even though the passion has faded, we still find them curled up together in the spoon position, enjoying each other's company.  Very seldom do we hear harsh words being spoken.


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